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Draka Tower Internals Solution

Draka TowerConnector supplied as custom-made cable-sets is quick and easy to install without special tools or installation skills. System contains color marking and mechanical code, which prevents phases from being switched during installation.

Draka WindFlex cables are torsion twist resistant and remain flexible at temperatures from +90°C to -40°C. Also available as +120°C, EMC-screened, extra flame retardant, UL-listed or UL-Recognized versions.

Draka TowerLift installation requires no extra platform and is applicable in any size or model tower. Lifts runs via an electrical motor traction hoist along wire ropes and is operated from inside via a LCD control panel.

Draka TowerLux LED lamp units can be serially joined together as required for the application. Lamps are robust and able to withstand vibrations and shocks. Battery power-pack works as standard down to -20°C and optionally down to -40°C.

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