Wind Energy Suppliers

Here you can find all producers of components and different suppliers for wind turbines.

Anemometers and Wind Speed Measurement Tech.

In this category we list companies specializing in:
- Anemometers
- Wind sensors
- Meteorological sensors
- Data logger

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All kinds of bearings for wind turbines are listed in this category.


Everything on cables in this category like:
- Cable accessories and management systems
- Control cables
- Power distribution cables
- Single cores
- Data / computer cables

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In this category we list companies specializing in castings.


Companies in this category provide surface treatment, wear protection, gel coats etc.

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Composite materials

All sorts of composite materials can be found in this category.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Various solutions on electrical and electronic engineering are listed in this category.

Fasteners and Fastening Systems

Look here for your connection and fastening systems.

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Gears / Gear Systems

In this category we list companies specializing in:
- Cooling units
- Fans
- Bearings
- Control systems

Lubricants and Lubrication Systems

This category lists companies specializing in e.g.:
- Greases and oil circulation systems
- Transmission lubrication
- Gear oil
- Used grease disposal

Measuring and Control Technology

Find all on measuring and control technology in this category, e.g.:
- Precision Measurement
- Sensors
- Data logger
- Performance increasement
- Encoders

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Mechanical Engineering

All on mechanical engineering for wind turbines in this category.

Process Optimization

Advanced test solutions can be found in this category.

Rotor Blades

Rotor blade manufacturing, coating, condition monitoring, inspection and laser projections in this category.

Tools and Machine Tools

All kinds of tools and machine tools for wind energy plants.

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Here you find manufacturers of towers for your wind energy plant. Steel tube towers, hybrid towers, pole bases, ladders and foundation structures - just search for the special offer you need. Turnkey installation can also be found here.

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Other Suppliers

All kinds of different suppliers of wind energy plants can be found in this category.
The portfolio of the companies reaches from magnets, marine lanterns and control boxes to rotor lock systems, electrical applications and temperature measuring.

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