• Cables
  • Cable accessories and management systems
  • Steel or aluminum tower internals
  • Service lift
  • LED lighting

Draka Holding N.V. is situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is the mother company for a large number of operating companies worldwide - involved with developing, manufacturing and supplying cables and cable systems.

Worldwide Draka consists of 68 operating companies in 31 different countries with approx. 10,050 employees. Draka Renewable Energy is a division in the Industry & Specialty group and focus on development, production and global supply of a wide portfolio of tower internals for wind turbine application, such as:

  • standard and specialty cables
  • fiber optical cables
  • cable systems, accessories and components
  • cable systems analysis
  • service lifts
  • LED lighting incl. illumination analysis
  • steel and aluminum internals
  • service, maintenance and inspection of towers

Draka Renewable Energy | Wind consists of 10 sales offices worldwide, with a presence in both China, US, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Brazil, Australia and India. Go to website www.drakawind.com to see full product range, datasheets, brochures, trade show activities, news and contact details.


    Draka Tower Internals Solution

    Draka TowerConnector supplied as custom-made cable-sets is quick and easy to install without special tools or installation skills. System contains color marking and mechanical code, which... [More]

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