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Global: GE Renewable Energy Unveils New 3 MW Wind Turbine Platform at EWEA

New 3.4-130 and 3.4-137 models join recently announced 3.2-130 to form GE’s most powerful family of onshore wind turbines to date

GE Renewable Energy unveiled its new family of 3 MW wind turbines at the European Wind Energy Association’s 2015 Annual Event in Paris. Joining GE’s recently launched 3.2-130, the new announcement introduced two new models in the 3.4-130 and 3.4-137, making the platform GE’s most powerful family of onshore wind turbines offered to date.

“Our new 3 MW machines are built to address the complexities of European wind conditions,” said Anne McEntee, President & CEO of GE’s onshore wind business. “Working closely with our customers, this new family of smart, modular turbines will allow us to configure the right technology for a wide variety of site-specific wind conditions.”

The new platform is built on the proven performance of GE’s 2.5 and 2.75 MW machines, and in addition to larger rotor diameters, the new models offer improved load management systems, enhanced control features and more efficient drive-train technology. Plus, they represent GE’s most powerful onshore machines offered to date, with the 3.4-137 model capable of providing up to 24 percent higher output1 than existing technology.    

In addition, the new 3 MW platform features the modular hardware and software analytics capabilities of GE’s Digital Wind Farm. The hardware platform uses the same machine head throughout all configurations, but offers flexible rotor diameters of 130 or 137 meters, multiple generator ratings of 3.2-3.4 MW and five possible tower height combinations ranging from 85-155 meters. The Digital Wind Farm also uses a virtual modeling system that aims to optimize individual turbine configuration and site layout to get the maximum energy production from each site’s unique wind conditions. It is powered by Predix, the secure software platform for the Industrial Internet.

GE’s modular 3 MW turbine platform is configurable to meet IEC class 3A, 2B and 3B wind conditions.


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