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Micro Wind Energy Turbines par Excellence

DUCATI Energia Group assets a staff list of about 700 employees working in its 6 worldwide plants and one of its main features is related to marketing and research fields which provide the suitable solution for any particular requirement. The main fields of activities are the following:
• Power Factor Correction and Power Electronics
• Generators and Ignition systems
• Electrical Vehicles
• Energy analysers, monitoring and power quality devices
• Road and Railway transport systems
• Ticket issuing and transport automation systems

In particular, Ducati Energia has developed a range of micro wind turbines that are finding enormous interest in the international wind energy markets today. Micro wind turbines are systems with rated powers smaller than 20Kw and can take advantage of the installation site’s specific conditions. Being very adaptive systems they can exploit both strong and weak winds, as well as sudden gusts of wind. Micro wind turbines have an extremely limited impact on landscape scenery. A micro wind turbine is an electromechanical system capable of converting the linear flux of wind into a turning motion, which can be used to drive one or more electrical generators housed in the system’s body.

The blades of the micro wind turbine have the key-role of intercepting the wind’s power and the fact that they are made of aluminum is an advantage. The design decision of choosing aluminum for the blades, instead of composite materials, is due to their extreme strength as well as dimensional uniformity: any blade differs at most 1,2 grams from any other. This avoids the necessity of a balancing operation, allowing a simple, quick on-site substitution of any blade in case of damage.

The DT Wind’s Range of micro wind turbines comes in two sizes (both with three blades):
• 1,5 kW with 12,5 mt/sec. of wind, a blade diameter of 2,1 meters, and weighing 26 kg
• 3 kW with 12,5 mt/sec. of wind, a blade diameter of 3,1 meters, and weighing 30 kg

The DT Wind’s Range is built in a sturdy and simple manner, ensuring reliability and long life. Its mechanical structure is entirely made of INOX steel and aluminum. The direct-drive generator, i.e. without a gearbox, does not require any maintenance or lubrication. The turbine is equipped with a high-quality slip-ring for the transmission of the 3 phases to the ground. All ball-bearings are high quality products from SKF.

The electrical generator is the heart of the micro turbine. Ducati Energia has developed a standard-setting generator especially for this application, registering the lowest cogging torque of its category. The cogging torque – caused by the interaction of the rotor’s permanent magnets with the stator slots – tends to block the rotation at standstill and at low speeds. This outstanding electrical characteristic makes it possible for DT Wind to start up already at very low wind speeds: 2,3 -2,5 mt/sec of wind.

The JACK 05 wind-controller supervises all electrical functions of the wind turbine: safety features, ballast loads, smoothing of the DC voltage output, including wind analysis, output voltage analysis, and vibration sensor. The anemometer supplied with each turbine is fitted to the supporting pole and constantly analyses the wind speed and communicates with the JACK 05 controller: in the event of excessive gusts of wind, the turbine is immediately braked down. Operation is automatically resumed when the wind speed returns to acceptable values.

And what can be done with the energy generated by these unique wind turbines?
• OFF-GRID (battery-based energy storage): The system is designed and set-up for the whole energy production to be stored and used locally or for distribution over short distances.
• GRID-TIED (energy fed into the mains network): the whole or excess energy is fed into the main electrical grid. There is no necessity of local energy storage, since the grid absorbs the excess energy and supplies energy when necessary. In most countries this type of installation allows access to incentives reserved for renewable energy power plants.

More About DUCATI Energia:
DUCATI Energia owns its fame to the Ducati brothers who established DUCATI Company in 1926; 22 years later, DUCATI was split in two other companies, DUCATI Elettrotecnica and DUCATI Meccanica (today DUCATI Motor).

DUCATI Energia was founded in 1985 due to the merge of DUCATI Elettrotecnica and Zanussi Elettromeccanica (both belonging to the company Electrolux group) and nowadays it’s considered one of the most important companies in the Bologna area.

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DUCATI Energia
Posted by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist
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