Floating Offshore Wind Brings Chances for the UK

Image: University of StrathclydeImage: University of Strathclyde
The report ‘Offshore wind, ready to float? Global and UK trends in the floating offshore wind market’ by the University of Strathclyde, makes five recommendations to support growth of the UK’s floating wind market.

Official Press Release University of Strathclyde:

Floating windfarms can tap offshore energy, report says

Additional government support and continued trade links with Europe are needed to ensure the UK remains a global leader in the deployment of floating offshore wind, according to a new report.

Floating wind turbines are designed to generate power in deep ocean waters, typically where turbines fixed to the ocean floor struggle to be cost-effective. Once commercially viable, floating turbines could unlock a huge untapped wind power resource worldwide. Without this technology, offshore wind will likely remain limited to relatively shallow waters (i.e. 60m or less), limiting the sector’s scope for growth in the future. Globally, the floating wind market has grown from almost nothing in 2008 to 57 Megawatts in 2018. By 2030 the report estimates that... ... More: Official Press Release University of Strathclyde

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