Shared Cable Corridor for Norfolk Wind Farms

Image: VattenfallImage: Vattenfall
Vattenfall has altered plans to reduce potential impact on environment

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Energy firm refines plans for wind farm cable route

Potential impact reduced as Vattenfall agrees to share cable corridor with sister project

Vattenfall, the Swedish energy company behind the Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farms, has revealed today a narrower search area for cables needed to carry clean power underground from the wind farms to the British consumer. Earlier this year Vattenfall revealed a 700 metre search area for a 60km underground cable corridor north of Norwich. Ahead of nine public information days in March and April, the wind farm developer has now informed local people of a refined 200 metre corridor for the underground cable and search areas for possible locations for a substation and other infrastructure. And following local feedback, Vattenfall can confirm that... ... Mehr: Original Pressemeldung Vattenfall

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