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Deutsche Windtechnik: Improving performance and availability – what makes sense? in The Windfair Newsletter

Considering the operation of wind energy plants, performance and availability are the most important catchwords for the technical and economic success. But how can I optimally influence both parameters?

Additional 3D ultrasonic anemometer in open airspace at the spinner in front of the rotor bladesAdditional 3D ultrasonic anemometer in open airspace at the spinner in front of the rotor blades

Deutsche Windtechnik, an independent service provider responsible for the (full) maintenance of more than 1,300 wind energy plants, takes a closer look.

Optimal plant operation is always the target. The ways to achieve this are diverse and technically complex. Performance and availability are two crucial factors in order to approach this target. Both factors are in a close relation and mutually dependent.

Examining the technical economic optimum

The service staff of Deutsche Windtechnik permanently endeavours to achieve a technical economic balance between performance and availability – which means the highest possible level of productivity. For this, the economic efficiency of each measure must always be clearly demonstrated in the overall context. This means that all work steps must be presented in a clear documentation and controlled at defined times based on comprehensible ratios.

Precisely fitting management

As a primary measure it has proved successful to adapt the plant to the respective location in the plant computer: site conditions (among other things roughness), local wind levels and special characteristics of the local grid are only some parameters which decisively influence the performance curve. Normally the operator parameterizes these variables on a flat-rate basis so that imperfections subsist.

Example wind measurement

Increased performance can be achieved, for example, through an individual readjustment of the blade angles. An additional 3D ultrasonic anemometer (Upgrade “iSpin”) positions the plant in optimal accordance with the wind. This does not only relieve the drive train; in case of false positions it provably improves the performance curve.

Distinguish availabilities

The basis for calculating availability is the data gained by remote monitoring. Here again every individual operation must be technically and economically understood, transparently documented and controlled. Within the scope of its full maintenance contracts Deutsche Windtechnik guarantees a technical availability of up to 97 %. Also the energy-related availability offers interesting potentials: In order to keep availability and energy harvesting on the highest possible level at the same time, maintenance services are only implemented in suboptimal wind conditions. On the other hand, damages in strong wind periods must be repaired as quickly as possible. This is a special challenge for service providers.

We would like to inform you

In order to support our clients with regards to these issues interested operators are always welcome to contact Deutsche Windtechnik Service (info-dwts@deutsche-windtechnik.de) Tel. + 49 (0) 4845-791 68 0). We look forward to presenting you our solutions.

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