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M-PT: Torque wrenches for individual applications for 30 years

Selling a product off the shelf is easy. However, most industrial applications are not. Bolting connections are sometimes very difficult to achieve due to the tight installation space. Sometimes there are high requirements with regard to the tightening process as well. In addition, documentation and archiving of the bolting data is often required for reasons of liability or internal quality assurance.

Founder Michael Matjeschk opens the anniversary celebration 30 years M-PTFounder Michael Matjeschk opens the anniversary celebration 30 years M-PT

The M-PT team is well acquainted with a wide range of individual bolting cases and customer applications in high-torque bolting technology. M-PT Matjeschk-PowerTools GmbH & Co. KG recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Thanks to Mr. Michael Matjeschk, the founder and namesake of the company.

The original sound from a recently acquired new customer when calling managing director Carmen Hebestreit: "Hello Ms. Hebestreit, I'm calling because your company was recommended to me. We have a very difficult bolting case here and have been unable to find a solution so far. I was told that M-PT is the expert for complicated bolted connections and special solutions."

"Of course, I was delighted to receive this call," confirms Carmen Hebestreit, "but it also means a lot of work, effort and investment for us. Selling off the shelf is easier. However, this is exactly what we are committed to - being close to the customer and offering a product that they really need!" It's good to know that M-PT has an in-house design and development department for software programming and product development.

The company anniversary in May was celebrated in a technical and cultural way. Over 100 customers, suppliers and business partners accepted the invitation. Top-class presentations were given by Dr. Stefan Beyer (German Screw Association e.V.), the well-known screw expert Markus Fischer (SCS Concept Group) and M-PT's loyal customer Prof. Verwiebe (VERWIEBE Engineering). These lectures were accompanied by live Sorbian music and other presentations on the life of the Sorbs, a recognized national minority in the rural area of M-PT. Charming and idyllic for every guest, who was greeted by three little girls in traditional Sorbian dress with bread and salt at the M-PT company anniversary.

M-PT production facilityThe occasion for the big event was also the grand opening and first tour of the expanded production facility. This includes a large training center with space for 25 people to learn the theory and practice of safe and correct handling of bolting technology. The employees benefit from new office space for sales, design and development. But the customer also benefits, as internal consultations can be carried out even faster and more effectively door to door. "The extension has enabled us to arrange the premises better, optimize processes and communicate internally faster and more effectively about all daily tasks. Special requests from customers can now be discussed internally in the shortest possible time," explains Carmen Hebestreit.

About a year ago, M-PT received the Saxony Environmental and Climate Alliance award, and not without good reason, as Michael Matjeschk explains: "To generate energy, we sunk heat baskets into the ground, which operate a heat pump using geothermal energy. A photovoltaic system was installed on the roof. With the electricity produced, we can guarantee the complete energy supply in the production, repair and service workshop."

Managing director Carmen Hebestreit in conversation with Roger Romard (RAD Torque Systems)It was a special honor for M-PT to welcome the Director of Sales of RAD Torque Systems from Canada. Roger Romard not only manages the international sales of RAD bolting technology, but also all official RAD service centers worldwide. This is a great added value for the customer. For example, if the customer sends their bolting tools to one of their locations abroad for a major project, the bolting tools can also be professionally checked and calibrated there and repairs can be carried out if necessary. All international RAD service centers receive regular training and are therefore qualified to carry out calibrations on a RAD torque wrench.

The company anniversary ended with the Catholic consecration of the new building and guided tours of the company. "We are grateful that our great team has made this all possible. We all work very well together and enjoy our work. Of course, this is also noticeable to customers, who are happy to call us with support requests, sales advice or questions about the status of repairs," says Michael Matjeschk. Carmen Hebestreit agrees: "We are visibly proud that we have been able to create such well-paid and future-proof jobs here in the rural region. Bolting technology is fun and has a lot of potential. We still have so many ideas for further developments. It will be exciting and we are looking forward to it."

M-PT Matjeschk-PowerTools – RAD Torque Systems in Germany

We support companies with the planning, installation and maintenance of wind turbines. The quality management requirements of our customers and our practical daily experience of assembly work from the basis of research and development at M-PT. The internationally renowned manufacturer RAD Torque Systems has authorized M-PT to be the sole German sales and service partner for its products.

We offer sales and rental, as well as repairs and calibration.





Bild 01: Founder Michael Matjeschk opens the anniversary celebration 30 years M-PT

Bild 02: Managing director Carmen Hebestreit in conversation with Roger Romard (RAD Torque Systems)

Bild 03: Bolt assembly with E-RAD BLU 8000

Bild 04: MB-RAD 4000-90° Offset for hard-to-reach bolted connections

Bild 05: M-PT production facility

Bild 06: Battery-powered torque wrench MB-RAD

Bild 07: Display for setting the torque and angle of rotation on the MB-RAD













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