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Free Webinar from WWEA: Repowering

Date and time: 1 February 2024, 14:00-16:00 h Central European Time

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With the world accelerating the wind power deployment, the wind industry is looking for strategies how to increase wind power generation in the most efficient manner. Repowering, i.e. replacing old and small turbines with new machines, comes into the center of the deliberations. Worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of Megawatts of wind turbines which were installed ten years ago or even earlier. According to estimations, global repowering can double the current wind power generation – in general, repowering projects can be expected to multiply by a factor of four in terms of power output and by a factor of three in terms of installed capacity.. 

The WWEAwebinar explores potentials and benefits of repowering - why should it be done? There are also technical aspects which require attention as well as regulatory barriers which require political adjustments. Experts will discuss these areas with the ultimate goal of developing guidelines for a national repowering strategy. 

WWEAwebinar topics: 

Repowering potentials and benefits Technical aspects of repowering  Regulatory barriers: permitting Regulatory barriers: remuneration schemes  Refurbishment and retrofitting 

WWEAwebinar speakers include: 

Stefan Gsänger: Welcome and introduction  Dr. Jami Hossain: Repowering – An overview of technical challenges   NN, CWEA: Repowering in China – potentials and prospects  Dr. Karunamoorthy Neethimani, IWPA: Repowering in India – potentials, benefits and technical aspects  Prof. Dr. Chuichi Arakawa, JWEA: Repowering in Japan Simon Benmarraze, IRENA: Global Insights into Sustainable Repowering Solutions Small Wind Repowering: Interventions from Frits Ogg and Mike Bergey, WWEA Small Wind 

and more speakers yet to be announced.

Participation is free of charge. Please use the following registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kf-6hqj8oGNTbTzJGk8rPTbHPvb-_mzLI#/registration

An overview article about "Repowering: An Efficient Tool to Boost Wind Power” can be found on the WWEA homepage: https://wwindea.org/repowering-an-efficient-tool-to-boost-wind-power

WWEAwebinar sponsorship options: https://wwindea.org/webinar/webinar-series-sponsorship-catalogue

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