Petrobras wants to become the largest offshore wind developer in Brazil

Image: PetrobasImage: Petrobas
The Brazilian company filed project licensing requests for 10 areas with 23 GW of total potential.

Official Press Release Petrobas:

Petrobras presents projects to become the largest offshore wind developer in Brazil

Company filed project licensing requests for 10 areas with 23 GW total potential

Petrobras will be the company with the largest offshore wind power generation potential in Brazil in terms of capacity filed with Ibama. The company filed a request with the environmental agency to give start to the licensing of ten areas in the Brazilian sea for the development of offshore wind energy projects. Of those, seven areas are in the Northeast region (three in Rio Grande do Norte, three in Ceará and one in Maranhão); two in the Southeast (one in Rio de Janeiro and one in Espírito Santo) and one in the South (Rio Grande do Sul). Together, these areas, which will be evaluated, have a potential capacity for the development of offshore wind projects with up to 23 GW in... ... More: Official Press Release Petrobas

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