Small wind turbine installed in Lower Saxony, Germany

The Antaris 12 kW has been installed on a 10.50 m tubular mast.

Official Press Release BRAUN Windturbinen:

The Antaris 12 kW in Lower Saxony!

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The Antaris 12 kW in Lower Saxony!

Here, the Antaris operates on a 10.50 m tubular mast, 3-phase grid-parallel with the Smart!wind SW10.

In addition, a 6.0 kW heating rod is installed here for heating support. The SW10 controls the system via a characteristic curve. A building permit was not required here, as there is freedom of procedure in NS up to 15 m total height. A so-called building notification was made, including submission of our static mast and foundation plans. The wind sensor, which is installed on the mast, is used to switch off the wind via Smart!wind using 12 kW braking resistors. The generator for the Antaris 12 kW is the CK18, which is 100% overload capable! Quality "Made in Germany". The installation was done by the customer himself. Respect and... ... More: Official Press Release BRAUN Windturbinen

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