Study: offshore wind will not be profitable in all cases

A new report by TNO warns not all offshore wind farms will be profitable in 2030. In the study, TNO offers recommendations to arrive at a feasible business case.

Official Press Release TNO:

Profitability offshore wind in 2030 not self-evident

A new TNO study reveals that offshore wind will not be profitable in all cases. Using several scenarios, TNO investigated the feasibility of offshore wind energy in 2030. In the whitepaper, ’Offshore wind business feasibility in a flexible and electrified Dutch energy market by 2030’, TNO’s researchers offer insights and recommendations to arrive at a profitable offshore wind business case in 2030.

TNO outlines two scenarios for offshore wind in 2030 in The Netherlands Using models, two scenarios for the Dutch electricity system and their economic risks were developed. One scenario assumes a low electrification of industry, while another assumes high electrification. In the low-electrification scenario, offshore wind is revealed not to be profitable in 2030 if... ... More: Official Press Release TNO

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