Work progress at planned Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven

Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven site at the former Luneort airfield (Image: Fraunhofer IWES/Peter Sondermann City-Luftbilder)Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven site at the former Luneort airfield (Image: Fraunhofer IWES/Peter Sondermann City-Luftbilder)
“Once the Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven is up and running, we will be in a position for the first time to measure the performance of electrolyzers in direct connection with wind energy independently of the manufacturer and validate it in the long term," says Nora Denecke, Head of department at Fraunhofer IWES and project coordinator.

Official Press Release Fraunhofer IWES:

Progress in realization of Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven

Wind Industry Profile of
Progress in realization of Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven

Large component layout confirmed

Following the approval of funding for the Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven at the former Luneort airfield, the project work started behind the scenes first of all. The first major step was to commission a general contractor to design specific layout plans for the facilities. This is a fundamental prerequisite for any necessary permits. The connection of the test field to the virtual grid of Fraunhofer IWES’ Dynamic Nacelle Testing Labora-tory (DyNaLab) large-scale testing facility and the generation of the electrolysis energy from wind power is a unique selling point.  There are numerous processes to complete before the complex system of electrolyzers, compressors, and the switchgear is coordinated – all without a blueprint,... ... More: Official Press Release Fraunhofer IWES

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