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The battery-powered torque wrench MAD-S from M-PT Matjeschk-PowerTools is handy, light and, with its built-in sensor technology, guarantees unmatched accuracy. The MAD-S sensor measures the torque immediately in front of the bolt and records every tightening torque for quality control.

Bolting of vertical flange in the tower with sensor-controlled battery torque wrench MAD 7-S (Image: M-PT)Bolting of vertical flange in the tower with sensor-controlled battery torque wrench MAD 7-S (Image: M-PT)

M-PT Matjeschk-PowerTools has developed a new sensor-controlled battery torque wrench for the wind industry - the MAD-S was launched on the market in April 2020. With an accuracy of ± 1.0% over a torque range of 70–1,400Nm, the MAD-S is ideally suited for the construction and maintenance of wind turbines. Further torque wrenches models up to 7,000 Nm are currently in development.

With the new MAD-S, M-PT has developed electronics that work with a built-in torque sensor, which is placed at the gearbox output. As a result, the torque accuracy remains unaffected by progressive gear wear. Conventional sensor-controlled torque wrenches, with a torque sensor located in the drive machine in front of the gearbox input, become inaccurate when the torque wrench is used. Worn gear parts influence the bolting result.

Proven quality

With the help of the Torque Check Function developed by M-PT, the MAD-S battery-powered torque wrench can check bolted connections without further turning the bolt. This prevents over-tightening of already tight connections. The Documentation System records digitally the most important parameters such as torque (target/actual), angle (target/actual), limit settings for torque and angle, number of bolts, battery voltage and name of the operator. Access to all program menus can be controlled via password-protected levels. All data can be transferred to a PC via Bluetooth for evaluation. This provides the customer or quality assurance with proof that all bolts have been tightened in the prescribed range. In addition, technicians are on the safe side if the wind turbine is damaged.

The advantages of the MAD-S

  • Sensor-controlled torque / angle shut-off via strain gauges
  • Suitable for boltings by category A according to VDI / VDE 2862-2
  • Digital setpoint adjustment
  • Brushless electric motor
  • Automatic load release
  • Incl. Documentation System and Torque Check Function

This torque wrench is also available with all functions as battery series MAD (30–7,000Nm) and electric series MED (65–11,000Nm) without sensor control.

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