Growing Oysters in Offshore Wind Farms

Image: Van OordImage: Van Oord
Because of the designation of marine protected areas and the construction of offshore wind farms, areas with undisturbed seafloor are increasing. This provides an opportunity for restoring the oyster reefs in the North Sea.

Official Press Release Van Oord:

Ecoscour protection: enhancing nature values in offshore wind farms

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Ecoscour protection: enhancing nature values in offshore wind farms

Van Oord, as part of Two Towers, takes the next step in a research programme relating to the restoration of European flat oyster beds. To investigate methods for the development of oyster reefs at offshore locations, a total of eight reef structures with oysters will be installed underwater within the Borssele Wind Farm Site V in the North Sea.

Ecoscour protection at the Borssele Wind Farm Site V The Borssele Wind Farm Site V, located 20 km off the coast of the Netherlands, has been designated as an innovation site. Two Towers, consisting of Van Oord, Investri Offshore and Green Giraffe, has been awarded the concession and has therefore been given a unique opportunity to test and demonstrate advanced technologies. One of the technologies is the Ecofriendly scour... ... More: Official Press Release Van Oord

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