IRENA and RES4Africa Foundation Encourage Renewable Use in Africa

IRENA wants to push for an energy transition of Africa’s energy sector with renewables by 2030, but many people still don't have any form of electrcity yet.

Official Press Release IRENA:

IRENA and RES4Africa Partner to Accelerate Renewables in Africa

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IRENA and RES4Africa Partner to Accelerate Renewables in Africa

New agreement pursues sustainable development and climate goals in Africa by increasing renewable energy deployment

IRENA and the RES4Africa Foundation have agreed to cooperate to increase the speed of renewable energy development in Africa in the pursuit of the continent’s sustainable development and climate goals. The ‘Letter of Intent’ signed on 15 July 2019 in Rome, will see the two parties work together to explore public-private initiatives, knowledge creation opportunities, capacity building... ... More: Official Press Release IRENA

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