News Release from Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA)

Ontario Air Quality continues to improve thanks to Clean Energy

“Cleaner air in Ontario means a brighter future for our children."

Ottawa, Ontario – Ontario's 41st annual Air Quality Report shows levels of many air pollutants have dropped across the province and Ontario's air quality continues to improve, thanks in great part to the replacement of dirty coal with clean energy such as wind.
“Cleaner air in Ontario means a brighter future for our children. Development of wind energy and other renewables is a key component of the Government’s commitment to reducing harmful air pollutants. Ontario has proven itself a North American leader in the production of clean wind energy, while at the same time delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in local benefits, creating new jobs for skilled workers, and the opportunity for landowners and farmers to participate in a clean energy economy,” said Chris Forrest, vice-president of Communications and Public Affairs for CanWEA.

Wind Energy in Ontario:
Current installed wind energy capacity: 2,043 MW
Number of wind farms: 46
Number of wind turbines: 1,103
Current per cent of Ontario’s electricity demand met by wind: 4 per cent
Equivalent number of Ontario homes powered by wind: over 720,000
To see how wind energy is working for Ontario, visit: www.windfacts.ca


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