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Since more than 140 years the name GILDEMEISTER stands for innovation in engineering. Companies which operate in energy-intensive branches pay attention to electricity tariffs and the way energy is produced.
GILDEMEISTER energy solutions acts in the field of renewable energy since 2006 and has realized 125 large-scale solar projects. The company offers complete solutions for industrial customers regarding generation, storage and utilization of renewable energies.
The focus lies on a functional chain of sun- and wind energy which can be made available at any time because of a state-of-the-art storage technology. The solar tracking system SunCarrier permanently adjusts to the radiation angle and position of the sun. In this way, up to 40% greater yield can be generated compared with fixed installations. The output ranges between 4,3 - 53 kWp depending on the size of the SunCarrier. The WindCarrier represents a new generation of small-scale wind turbines. With a nominal output of 10kW, its gearless principle results in an efficient energy yield, quiet operation and low-maintenance. Both systems deliver green energy to a large battery system called CellCube. The yield ranges between 10 and 200 kW and the storage capacity lies between 40 and 400 kWh. The large, weather-proof battery is extremely low-maintenance and serves as an uninterruptable power supply.
With these products innovative and intelligent energy concepts are realized, delivering green energy 24 hours a day. In this way, every industrial company can partly meet its energy requirements without grid connection. For example, GILDEMEISTER supplies its e-station and manufacturing facilities at its headquarters in Bielefeld with renewable energy. The e-charging station offers up to six charging points. Moreover, machine tools are produced with their own generated power and energy savings are realized through peak current cut-offs.

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