The HighStep System consists of two different components: the Aluminum Rail as basis of the system and the different climbing devices that can be transported to the working place and very easily attached to the Rail.


The Rail: The HighStep Rail is the heart of the system. It is continuously and firmly attached to the supporting structure through specially designed clamps and attachments. The Rail is anodized, maintenance-free and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Special connection profiles connect and rivet the single Rail segments. The system’s solidity can therefore be compared to a 22mm steel rope.



The available climbing devices are:

HighStep Easy and Protector: the HighStep Easy is the mechanical climbing device and consists of two independent pedals, attached to the Rail through a special mechanism. The foot of the user is always fixed to the pedal. Slipping off, missing one’s footing or sliding off the Rail is impossible (Safety). In addition, the user always stands upright on the pedals, which also act like resting platforms. Finally, the height of the steps can be chosen at every step (Ergonomics). The HighStep Protector used in combination with the pedals represents the fall protection during climbing. It is connected to the Rail on a third connection point (additional Safety) and holds the user in case of accidents. The Protector is also a personal safety equipment and rescue device.


HighStep Lift: it is the electrically driven climbing device for the fast and easy access to workplaces at height. HighStep Lift is extremely convenient and, thanks to its unique portability, ready for immediate use on all buildings equipped with the HighStep Rail. Whilst primarily designed as elevator for people, HighStep Lift can also be used to transport tools and goods. One battery allows you to reach the top of over twenty-five 40-meter towers, it also recharges while descending. The HighStep Lift is already in serial production and has been implemented in many applications worldwide.

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