LAP Publishes White Paper For Use of Projection Lasers to Mark Areas

Image: LAPImage: LAP
The white paper helps companies to check the feasibility of laser marking beforehand and to make the right investment decision.

Official Press Release LAP:

White paper: Area marking with projection lasers

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White paper: Area marking with projection lasers

LAP has published a white paper to help companies correctly evaluate the use of projection lasers for marking pedestrian and vehicle paths, load areas or safety zones. The 16-pages document is available for free download on the LAP website.

Lasers as a cost-efficient alternative to conventional floor-marking Projection lasers mark spaces like paths or storage areas clearly and visibly with colored laser lines. In high-wear industrial environments, lasers are an effective and cost-efficient alternative to conventional floor-marking methods. Taped or painted markings wear off and need to be replaced regularly, giving rise to considerable costs. Projected laser lines can avoid these costs as they remain permanently visible. However, installing marking lasers is not a... ... More: Official Press Release LAP

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