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Economic prosperity, progress and environmental protection – for Nordex these go hand in hand. Since 1985, we have been developing increasingly effective wind turbines that help meet the growing global demand for energy while reducing the impact on the environment.
As an internationally expanding company, Nordex has a footprint in all the core markets. Our factories in Germany, China and the United States serve the markets in the core regions of Europe, Asia and the Americas. We can provide our customers with tailor-made all-round solutions – from planning a wind farm, through turnkey installation down to service. The "Nordex Academy" provides a high level of training to all our staff, guaranteeing superior know-how as a supplier of sophisticated products and services.
The core competence of Nordex focuses on wind turbines in the power range up to 2.5 MW. In the Gamma generation, the Efficiency Class, we offer different types of machine on the basis of a common technical platform: The N90/2500, N100/2500 and the N117/2400. This means that Nordex customers can rely on having the ideal product for every location. For offshore applications we offer the N150/6000 turbine.


The efficiency class combines the latest findings from research and development and today’s market requirements with know-how and experience from more than a decade of operation. In 2000, Nordex installed the first 2.5 MW series turbine in the world and has put more than 1,500 machines of this type on grid since then. So we know what we’re talking about when we say that our turbines offer high quality, mature technology and dependable performance even in extreme locations.

Nordex continuously adds to the development of the Efficiency Class. Yet we remain true to proven principles, use tried and tested series engineering and give top priority to the dependability of all system components. In this way, we ensure that Nordex wind turbines are capital goods that generate reliable yields over a period of at least 20 years.

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