Lufft USA, Inc.

  • ultrasonic wind sensors
  • ultrasonic Anemometers
  • meteorological sensors
  • automatic weather stations
  • wind measurement plants

100 percent precise and reliable

G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, located in Fellbach near Stuttgart, has been Developing and producing professional components and systems for climate and environment measurement for more than 130 years. Intelligent meteorological sensors form the basis of highly available measuring networks along roads, rail and at airports all over the world. Meteorological services and environmental bodies appreciate the precise and longlasting Lufft quality as do building equipment manufacturers and energy suppliers as well.

In the wind energy sector, Lufft sensors for determining wind direction and speed at wind energy installations as well as on measuring masts for wind yield assessments have proven their worth. Ventus, an ultrasonic anemometer, measures wind values for regulating wind energy installations and ensures that these values are always reliable, even in extreme climatic conditions: onshore or offshore, cold climate or hot climate.

Lufft underlines its claims to high quality by operating its own calibrating laboratory. This laboratory contains an accredited wind tunnel in which all wind sensors are tested thoroughly before delivery.

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