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HighStep© Systems – the world’s first Rail-based climbing system that you use with portable High-Step devices. With the innovative HighStep Lift, portable by a single person, you can reach your workplace in the most ergonomic, time-saving and cost-efficient way. All towers. All masts. All buildings. All shafts. Everywhere.

HighStep Systems is an innovative company based near Zurich (Switzerland) that develops and markets the safe and ergonomic climbing system with the same name. HighStep provides an easy access to high working places on all kind of structures, here in particular on wind turbines. It is possible to install the system both in new and existing towers. It is possible to climb both mechanically with the HighStep Easy and automatically with the brand new HighStep Lift. You can find more information about the devices in the “Products” section. The motivation for this new climbing system came from a fall from a ladder. This lead to the invention of a completely new system that revolutionized the age-old principle of the ladder. The HighStep System offers:

  • Safety: For thousands of year the principle of the ladder has remained unchanged, despite the fact that still today many falls and deadly accidents are happening to people who slip off from ladders during climbing. The completely new climbing concept offered by HighStep Systems offers the users much more security measures through a permanent connection the Rail. In addition, climbing is only possible with the devices provided by HighStep.

  • Ergonomics: The old ladder principle was not at all studied with ergonomics in mind, the user cannot climb standing upright and he has to use his arms all the time, which makes climbing a very tiring activity. HighStep solves all these problems by allowing you to stand upright like on resting platforms and climb or drive upwards, without using your arms and with the possibility to choose the height of each step.

  • Future Possibilities: HighStep offers the user different options and much more to come in the future. At first it was only the mechanical HighStep Easy, now the revolutionary HighStep Lift entered the market and many other devices are going to be developed in the future, such as a cargo lift, an autonomous video camera and so on. All of these devices are going to run on the same Rail that will remain unchanged.

  • Demographic Effect: Industry news are talking more and more of a lack of a young workforce willing to work at height. Moreover, older employees often suffer from back and knee problems and have to be taken out of the job far earlier than their retirement time, despite their experience. The HighStep System prevents joint and back problems thanks to its ergonomic way of climbing. In this way, it serves also as a prevention measure against health related expenses. The German Employers' Liability Insurance Association became aware of the system and appreciated its advantages in terms of employees’ wellbeing and health. This advantage of the system will particularly show in the long term, when the investment will pay off in terms of cost savings derived from keeping the experienced employees longer on the job.

  • Investment Costs: The HighStep System is a very cost efficient way to reach workplaces at height. Many different technical features are influencing the investment costs. For example, savings come from the easy production of the aluminum rail that reduces the production costs, the small number of attachment points (only every 3 meters) that reduces the installation material, the lack of the need for maintenance that saves many lifetime costs and finally the few devices that can be used on many Rails and save purchasing costs.



    The HighStep System consists of two different components: the Aluminum Rail as basis of the system and the different climbing devices that can be transported to the... [More]

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