BASF Corporation


BASF is the world's leading chemical company - The Chemical Company.

With about 111,000 employees, six Verbund sites and close to 370 production sites worldwide, we serve customers and partners in nearly all countries of the world.

Our portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products, such as coatings and agricultural products, to oil and gas. We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. We use science and innovation to help our customers meet the current and future needs of society in nearly all industries.

The BASF Group's Coatings Division develops, produces and markets a comprehensive portfolio of innovative high-quality automotive OEM coatings, automotive refi nishes and industrial coatings, along with decorative paints.

In the Industrial Coatings area, we differentiate between Pre- Coatings and Post-Coatings. Coil coatings, for example, are a type of Pre-Coatings.

They are used to coat steel and aluminium coils, prior to further processing in the construction, appliances and automotive industries.

Post-coatings are powder and liquid coatings used for a range of industrial applications, for instance, for coating household appliances, agricultural equipment, façades, wind turbines, as well as for heavy-duty corrosion protection in the shipping industry and on land.

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