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PCE Instruments is specialized in manufacture and sales of high-performance and innovative products from the sectors of measurement-, control-, weighing-, and laboratory technology. The portfolio covers a broad, diversified range of products in these areas, not least with their very own product line-up PCE-series.

PCE Instruments is characterized by wide-reaching services. That enables PCE Instruments to be a professional partner for industry, trade and research. Founded in 1999 as a small engineering office in Germany, the company has now broadly expanded. Locations in Spain, Italy, England and Chile have been established. Due to investments in new offices-, manufacturing and storage areas, the operating area with new sectors of research and development and marketing have been expanded. From the small jewellery scale to a crane scale, from a small range finder to the infrared camera, from the calibrated anemometer up to the professional weather station; the online shop has everything. Our Technical staff will gladly help and offer free advice to customers. In the year of 2012, all locations were unified under the name of PCE HOLDING in order to be well prepared for future growth.

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Global Website: www.pce-instruments.com

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Inspect wind power plants using a borescope

07.09.2016 Inspect wind power plants using a borescope

Turbine buildings of wind power plants are not easy to inspect or check. Most commonly, wind power plants are inspected and checked for damage from the air with special drones.

However, sometimes it is necessary to inspect and repair the turbine buildings directly. A video borescope is a possible inspection tool in... [more]

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